Website Development

When you have a design and need someone to build it, Savas has you covered

We use modern techniques and approaches to web development to build sites that meet your business needs and industry standards.

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Our Approach

Use Savas developers to implement your designs

We don't just build websites. We build websites that will help you reach your business goals.



We know that a website is only as good as its design and the plan behind it. Our team works with you to understand your motivations, break down the different options for tools or technology, and work through the different solutions so that we can build something that's right for you. As detail-oriented professionals, we want to ensure your needs are met before moving forward. 


Whenever we build a website, we want to make sure that it has a solid foundation so that it can scale as your business grows. To do this, we follow our best practices when building websites that include identifying reusable components for implementation, following high-coding standards that ensure security, reliability, and speed for users across all browsers and devices, and defining data structures and isolating styling variations between pages so they're easy to manage without affecting other parts of the site.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the most critical step in the development process, and we take it very seriously. During the QA process, we consistently verify that everything works as it should across multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems— in every scenario possible. It also means that you can rest assured knowing that what you get will work flawlessly every time.