Product Design

Design for your users

We create fully-functional prototypes to seed investments, gain user insights or optimize an existing product before investing money into production.

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Our Approach

Our process is flexible to what your product needs, whether you're starting from scratch, working on an MVP, or making updates to an existing build

A well-executed product design results in a web or mobile application that is empathetic and understanding of its users and the tasks it was created to handle. At Savas Labs, we go through a discovery and strategy phase to understand your users and run a competitor analysis. That research influences the features that need to be included, as well as the accessibility requirements and overall functionality of the product.

We then create wireframes and lo-fi prototypes to focus on the user experience. These tools are used to run user testing to provide qualitative and quantitative data to use for improvements before designing the user interface.

A proper look at and improvement of the UX of a product can increase its base of users and increase the retention of existing users. In the same way that good UX and accessible practices help users, unclear and inaccessible UX can do active harm.