Mobile Application Development

We specialize in creating powerful mobile applications for businesses just like yours

At Savas Labs, we’re passionate about creating mobile solutions that are easy to use and solve real business problems. Our developers have years of experience creating best-in-class iOS and Android apps across nearly every industry.

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Our approach

Put your products or ideas directly in the hands of your customers

With our custom mobile app development, we can help you build a seamless user experience that engages your customers and doesn't sacrifice features for functionality. Our attention to detail at every stage of the process ensures that the final product meets your expectations.

Understanding the Requirements
There's a lot to consider when developing a mobile application, and our team is meticulous in understanding the required functionalities and features. We take into consideration things such as:

  • What devices will this application be used on?

    • iOS? Android? Or both?

  • What are the different screen sizes?

  • Data sharing - 

    • Will the application need to interface with contacts, gps, camera?

    • Will it need access to things such as user privacy data and location sharing?

  • What are the offline data needs?

    • How does the application save and sync data when it goes offline and when it returns online?

    • What is the required power usage?

Wireframe and Prototypes
Our Designers collaborate with you to establish various user flows to demonstrate key user interactions, visual design, and align with technical requirements. From there, we can prototype the mobile app to map out the user experience screen-by-screen.

Application Development 
Throughout the development process, our team is focused on visual consistency and the operational correctness of the mobile application as it is being built. During this phase, you can see exactly what we're working on before we make any changes.

Quality Assurance & Testing
This is one of the essential facets of mobile application design. Testing occurs parallel to the development phase and is ongoing throughout the process. We'll test everything from individual unit functions to the overall user experience on each type of mobile device. In addition, we collect and record all feedback to ensure that we're meeting expectations and fixing any bugs or oversights as quickly as possible.

Let's get to work

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