Automate workflows between different systems

Integrations provide a connection between different business systems to automatically complete certain defined steps in a workflow. Whether it’s triggering workflows within your CRM after a specific action is taken or aggregating data across multiple business systems for BI reporting, we can help you automate the manual work so that you can focus on the things that really make the difference.

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Our approach

Eliminate repetitive manual steps from your business process

Our engineers work with you to understand your workflow and requirements while also gathering details about the systems being connected. They identify if the integration code will be a stand-alone component that brokers the process between services or if the integration needs to be developed into an existing backend system. 

Next, we identify access patterns for the data that needs to be exchanged between the systems, and from there, we write data mappings to facilitate the exchange. 

The final step is to connect the integration to some trigger mechanism that initiates the integrated data exchange. With that, your integration is tested to ensure accuracy and turned on to help you realize a new flow of work within your organization!