User Testing

Learn how people really use your product

Test out your product or interface with real users. Discover friction points, areas of frustration, and features that aren’t working. Crash test a prototype before launch.

Our Tool Kit

Watch and learn

Observing your product in the hands of real users is the key to uncovering its weaknesses. You can test an existing product to discover where issues need to be triaged or to create an effective new feature roadmap. You can also test an idea or prototype to refine it before launch. Even with the best design team behind the wheel, there are always things to learn and surprises to uncover.

We use several user testing methods:

  • Moderated User Testing where we work one-on-one with users, asking them to complete tasks as they interact with the product, observing them, and having conversations about their experience
  • Unmoderated User Testing for gathering bulk quantitative data about how users flow through a product when seeking certain information
  • Card Sorting to uncover how users naturally group sets of information
  • Navigation Tree Tests for crash-testing information architecture to make sure it’s intuitively organized
  • A/B Testing to determine which of a series of solutions is most effective

If you're looking for a seasoned digital partner with user testing experience, you've come to the right place.