React Native

The most efficient way to develop cross-platform, native applications

The React Native framework is a great way to build mobile applications that run natively on both iOS and Android. Many packages, pipelines, and other tooling within the React ecosystem make building, scaling, and testing mobile applications efficient in terms of development time and cost.

How We Use It

Experience the development speed of progressive web applications with the functionality of native builds

At Savas Labs, our developers leverage ReactNative to build consumer-facing mobile applications that integrate easily with any backend technology. We choose this approach as a way to build the mobile application once for both Android and iOS rather than attempt to maintain feature parity between Swift (for iOS) and Java (for Android) mobile applications.

In our experience, ReactNative is an ideal tool for mobile application development because it uses languages and patterns already familiar to web developers while making on-device functionality available to the application. With this technology, your application can easily leverage user location data, push notifications, in-app purchases, subscriptions, the device’s built-in camera, and other hardware features as needed.

Related Capabilities

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