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At Savas Labs, we are committed to making Drupal a first-class choice for building powerful content-driven websites. Our deep expertise in designing and developing in Drupal allows us to craft unique and custom sites that enable you to manage and showcase your content easily.

Our approach to constructing or redesigning Drupal websites

Step #1

Typically, we approach our Drupal projects with a discovery phase where we audit your existing website and content and meet with your various stakeholders to understand your unique needs and goals for the website. For existing sites, we dig deep to understand your existing content, identify the custom and contributed modules you've installed, and plan out an upgrade path for your existing site to the latest Drupal version.

Step #2

Next, our designers and UX team collaborate closely with you while iterating on wireframes and designs that will showcase your content, that are accessible and user-friendly, and that will excite your stakeholders. During this phase, we map out the content model, determining which Drupal content types, media entities, taxonomies, blocks, menus, and views will deliver your vision. We identify the various user roles, permissions, and editorial workflows that are required. We also give special consideration to the content creation experience and identify which of Drupal's powerful editorial tools (such as Drupal Paragraphs, Gutenberg, or Layout Builder) will empower your content editors to create compelling content flexibly.

Step #3

Our team works with you every step of the way to guarantee that your needs are fully understood and met. Additionally, we develop custom modules for your unique needs (for example, integrating with 3rd party APIs), effectively plan content migrations leveraging Drupal's powerful Migration API, and provide insights, suggestions, and advice to help ensure the site is built on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.

Step #4

Lastly, we continue our collaborative approach during the development of your website by showcasing our progress, asking questions, seeking clarifications, and offering suggestions to ensure we build exactly what you need. During development, we have automated tools to ensure our code adheres to Drupal's standards and best practices, and all of the code we deliver is peer-reviewed. With these processes and our deep Drupal experience, you can be confident your site is built "the Drupal way" with future flexibility and maintainability in mind. Post-build, we continue to be an extension of your team through the launch and into the maintenance phase of your website.

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