Automated Testing

Verify operability and complex business logic

Automated tests are a good way to verify that a digital product is operating as intended and continues to do so as new features are added, or existing features are changed.

Our Approach

We provide a reliable gauge that a product is complete and correct

With this value-added service, our developers can either begin a new project with testing built in from the beginning or backfill testing into an existing product to evaluate core functionality. This includes the user interface behavior, or, for existing applications, testing for existing features as a protection against unexpected changes to application behavior. Whichever approach is taken, automated testing ensures a high-quality product.

When writing automated tests, portions of the application code are isolated and configured to run using known inputs and situations to compare against expected outputs and operational behavior. These tests are then run against the codebase with every change to the potentially shippable product in order to verify that every expected situation provides the correct result while edge cases and errors are properly accounted for without negatively impacting the product.

At Savas, we understand how a lack of tests can lead to hidden defective behavior as well as how poorly constructed tests lead to overhead with maintainability and extensibility. Our developers use best practices for writing tests that correctly isolate segments of code and functionality for reliable verification of product accuracy and completeness so that a consistent set of situations can be evaluated in the same time it would take a user to log into the application.

If you're looking for a seasoned digital partner with automated testing experience, you've come to the right place.