Decentralized Future Council

Establishing Thought Leadership Prominence Through a New Digital Identity

Decentralized Future Council website


Redesign Decentralized Future Council’s web presence and extend their existing brand.


We ran a spectrum poll to help us understand how to incorporate both of DFC’s designated audiences into the overall design direction.


A website that arms the DFC team during a busy season of advocacy and policy work in Congress.

Shaping the decentralized web

Meet Decentralized Future Council (DFC), a Web3 foundation composed of policymakers, researchers, attorneys, students, advocates, and change-makers that are passionate about the potential of the decentralized web. Their focus is to educate policymakers on Web3 and show potential beyond cryptocurrency.

DFC came to us looking to expand its web presence and for a website facelift that would balance the trendy nature of Web3 thinkers while being presentable to more traditional policy folks. Additionally, they needed website functionalities that would allow them to easily add content and promote events through automated feeds, making them accessible on multiple pages without manual upload/editing on each page.

Working within constraints

In our first meeting with the DFC team, we quickly set project expectations and identified constraints. Previously, DFC hosted its website on Squarespace, and we needed to select a new lightweight CMS solution where development costs would be low but would still allow the flexibility to add new content in the future. 

Through our conversations with the DFC team, we determined Webflow would allow for the flexibility and limitations they had for the site’s new hosting platform. This project had a quick timeline, intending to reach DC policymakers as soon as they were back in session. Webflow allowed our team to work quickly to meet their tight timeline expectations while maintaining each crucial step of our defined redesign process. 

We quickly moved into a brief discovery phase where we ran a spectrum poll to align our teams on the overall design direction. Next, we created two unique mood boards for the DCF team to choose from based on our findings from the exercise. Our UI designers incorporated elements of DFC’s logo into the design to showcase the extension of their brand. In addition, we utilized their display font face, gradients with extra white space, and traditional text layouts to appeal to the web3 audience without alienating the more conservative policymaker audience.

Decentralized Future Council web pages

Designing for the user

As we entered the next phase of the redesign process, our UX designers worked with DFC to structure the new site's information architecture. From there, we created wireframes to map out the site's navigation and determined how many pages would be needed to meet DFC's content objectives.

Decentralized Future Council about us page

Finishing touches

Lastly, our developers took over to ensure that each page and page section was properly laid out and each functional interaction was added before going in for style adjustments to closely match the design.

We had a difficult goal for our project. We needed a digital agency that would be able to blend two very different spheres of work, policy, and web3, into a site that could be respected by both communities. Savas Labs accomplished that mission with ease.

Makayla Donigan / Decentralized Future Council

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