Developing a Native Mobile App

Travel Birds mobile application screens

The Challenge 

Help travelers connect – and find awesome attractions around the world – by creating a native app that gamifies the recommendation process.

Our Approach 

We used React Native to build a single codebase for TravelBirds for both Android and iOS apps. The Expo framework empowered us to quickly build, deploy, and iterate.

The Results 

A successful launch of Native iOS and Android apps, enabling TravelBirds to connect and enhance the experience of travelers worldwide.

Creating a polished V2

After creating a minimum viable product, TravelBirds was in search of a technical partner that could not only rebuild their existing app for android and iOS, but bring it to market. With the foundations of group travel in place, TravelBirds turned to us for a complete rebuild of the native application. The result delivers on their mission to help use technology to bring people together in the physical world.  

Travel Birds mobile screens

Agile sprints

Our approach included assembling a nimble, small team and scheduling regular, frequent collaborative touch points with our client partners. Each week we planned a sprint with key themes and features and we would adjust these areas of focus week to week based on the tight feedback loop from the stakeholder team.


A React App: Progressively Decoupled

We're so happy with all the work the Savas team has provided!

Liz Darby / TravelBirds

(Bird) API calls

The foundation of the TravelBirds app is built on calls to Google’s Places API, allowing the app to scale as its user base discovers and recommends new attractions around the globe. We worked closely with the TravelBirds team to create the right balance of caching the API responses to optimize cost and ensure the most popular attractions are blazing fast and readily accessible.

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The TravelBirds motto is “Online Tools for an Offline Life."

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