Designing a Forward-thinking Enterprise Learning Interface

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Rapidly design a learning management system interface that will evolve over time.


Work swiftly and in close collaboration with the client to iterate from wireframes to final design concepts in a one-week sprint.


We created a series of design compositions that helped garner executive buy-in for a multi-year, phased project.

Evolving the user's journey

Takeda, an international biopharmaceutical company, was looking to create buy-in for reimagining their internal training platform. The goal was to show a year-by-year evolutionary vision from a traditional layout to one that provides a more dynamic user experience over time, including individualized recommendations and AI-powered insights.

The first phase provides the user with training based on their specific role and location while the second prioritizes enterprise-wide training to create a higher level of comprehension throughout the Takeda workforce. The third phase integrates personal recommendations based on a user’s predicted areas of growth — such as finding other employees within the company to connect with for coaching and mentoring.

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Think inside the box

Our typical process starts with a download of information from the client. We learned that we’d be working within some strict confines; we were prototyping these interfaces to be included in a larger presentation on enterprise learning to be given in just over a week’s time.

We had to do a 180˚ on our design approach. Instead of specifically addressing granular functionality and features, we’d be outlining the system and implying functionality. Ultimately, we only had a single slide to summarize an entire user experience.


How Design Thinking Can Spark Innovation
Takeda Interface
Takeda interface with marks to indicate where things are located

Nimble approach

Due to our tight timeline and specific deliverables, we checked in with the client daily and used our in-progress work as a launchpad for alignment on the greater vision and practical deliverable. Our unconventional approach meant we had a lot of questions; those daily check-ins helped us get quick answers and avoid hang-ups.

Our close feedback loop ensured the delivery of an effective presentation and started the process for making structural changes to the way Takeda employees learn and develop.

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Innovative interfaces

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