HIV Prevention Trials Network

Redesigning with a Mobile First Approach

HPTN homepage on mobile screens

The Challenge 

Redesign the nonprofit HIV Prevention Trials Network's (HPTN) site with a clean, modern interface that loads easily on mobile devices in areas of the world with less-than-optimal bandwidth and provide HPTN’s content editors with a powerful, easy-to-use content management interface.

Our Approach

A responsive design that would best serve each of HPTN’s user groups, with a focus on those accessing the site on mobile devices, as well as a custom Drupal 8 theme.

The Results 

Thanks to a streamlined project plan, the new site launched in time for the HPTN Annual Conference, and ongoing maintenance and enhancements engagements allowed for post-launch improvements.

Responsive web design

Working with HPTN stakeholders, we created a responsive design—using flexible layouts, flexible images, and cascading style sheet media queries. We took a mobile first design approach in order to focus on a key portion of the traffic that was accessing the site from low bandwidth areas often on tablets or mobile phones. 

HPTN login screens
HPTN studies screen

Content entities in Drupal 8

When the HIV Prevention Trials Network aimed to update to a modern, mobile-friendly, easy-to-maintain website, they started evaluating the capabilities of various content management systems that would meet their needs. They settled on Drupal 8.

During the build, we heavily relied on Drupal content entities to pull and display data coming from legacy HPTN systems and leveraged both Drupal and external caching mechanisms to ensure prompt delivery of requests to end-users. 


HPTN website on various screen sizes

Leadership loves the new website. They had zero concerns or commentary other than being impressed. Awesome, guys.

Laura Smith / HPTN

Modern. Mobile-friendly. Easy to maintain.

All the capabilities that you’d want in your digital platform. Looking to optimize your site experience?