Green Marbles

Crafting a Compelling Brand Identity for Sustainable Growth

Green Marbles homepage

The Challenge 

Green Marbles found their existing website didn’t reflect the quality and professionalism of their services, ultimately hindering their ability to reach their growing target audiences.

Our Approach 

We initiated a series of design exercises with the Green Marbles team. This deep dive into the Green Marbles brand helped us effectively translate their unique identity into a compelling visual language for the newly reimagined website.

The Results 

We introduced a component-based system that offers the Green Marbles a flexible, scalable way to control and customize their site’s architecture without constraints. This system equips them with the necessary building blocks for their development team to construct bespoke web pages as their sustainable business offering grows.

Green Marbles design explorations

Green Marbles is a top-tier nationwide enterprise renowned for integrating sustainable solutions. Their mission is to bridge the gap between their partners and consumers within the residential and commercial construction sectors, searching for quick and eco-friendly go-to-market solutions.

However, their website wasn’t on par with the caliber of clients they work with. It was apparent that an update was necessary to reach their targeted audience effectively.

Seeking a quick and effective solution, Green Marbles turned to us. Armed with only a logo and a color palette, they looked to us to expand their brand identity beyond the basics and breathe new life into their existing website. Additionally, they required our assistance in restructuring the site and determining the varying page templates needed to accommodate existing and future content successfully.

A new direction

In close collaboration with the Green Marbles team, our strategists conducted a series of discovery exercises, aiming to unearth the unique tone of their brand and how it would influence the visual language of the revamped site.

Leveraging these insights, our visual designers curated two mood boards, presenting two distinct visions for the new Green Marbles brand. The first option mirrored the existing collateral their internal team had developed, while the second option pushed the brand identity into new territory. We ultimately opted for the latter, endowing the site with a polished and sophisticated feel that seemed more fitting for a company with such extensive experience.

New design direction for Green Marbles

Thanks to the solid trust we had built with the Green Marbles team, we managed to navigate this project phase at an accelerated pace. This confidence empowered us to make informed design decisions without fear of prolonged revision cycles.

A system for simplified content generation

When crafting a content strategy for the new site, our teams worked in tandem to identify and define Green Marbles’ multiple target audiences and discern the types of content needed to serve them. We divided the site’s content into two primary categories: 'products' (Green Marbles sustainable solution offerings) and 'verticals' (the consumers their clients cater to.) 

We used this organized content framework to rapidly produce wireframes to restructure the website, focusing on cultivating a harmonious relationship between the various verticals and the product pages they interacted with.

Recognizing the overlap of many products across different verticals and the necessity to accommodate yet-to-be-written content, we adopted a component-based approach to design the basic page templates for the site. Each template is comprised of interchangeable components that can be repositioned, added, or removed, granting the Green Marbles team the ability to construct new page layouts to meet their content needs. Most importantly the flexible nature of this system, we generated over a dozen unique pages in record time.

Green Marbles components

Development hand-off

Despite our team not being the one to develop the new site, we were instrumental in laying the groundwork for efficient development by implementing a component-based design system. Our approach allowed the Green Marbles development team to begin building the individual components as soon as they were completed by us, eliminating the need for full-page mock-ups. As a result, development time was reduced significantly because the system fosters the reusability of the same components across the entire library.

Green Marbles new homepage

Removing technical restraints

As an organization that deeply appreciates the efforts of those committed to making a positive impact, we feel deeply privileged to have partnered with Green Marbles. Now, armed with their revamped website and enhanced brand identity, they stand poised to connect with their audience.