TriDUG recap: Drupal 8 case studies

On Thursday March 17, about thirty TriDUG members gathered to for a discussion on using Drupal 8.

I presented on my experiences building Durham Atlético using all the Drupal 8 features we’re growing to love: configuration management, new theming layer, Views in core, the vastly improved content editing experience, and the Symfony2 underpinnings of Drupal’s architecture.

Anne gave a tour of the theming layer (she did some amazing work building the theme for the Durham Atlético site) and talked up the benefits of using Twig over the old PHP-based templating system in Drupal 7. If you’d like to know more about Drupal 8 theming, we have a great set of introductory articles here.

Thanks to everyone who attended, we’re looking forward to seeing you all at the next TriDUG meetup!

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