Chris Russo on white

Chris Russo

Chief Executive Officer El jefecito

Chris made his first foray into the web when he was 11 years old, creating a site on (young people won’t know what this is). He lives in San Diego by way of Durham, NC and Boston, MA. He founded and sold a bicycle powered, organics recycling business he named Tilthy Rich Compost (get it?). He has led a 4-month bike ride across the U.S.A (just for fun), and biked from Boston to the White (just for protest). He's lead a 100,000+ member bicycle/hospitality focused multi-national nonprofit through the founder's transition. Chris loves meeting new people even more than he likes writing in the third person about how he has spent too much time on bikes. Above all, he constantly schemes on how to use his resources best to be a force for positive change, and would love and needs your help!

Chris giving a presentation
Chris at work