Risk Management Association

Extending an Elegant Brand

Risk Management Association homepage

The Challenge 

Craft a new user experience and interface design for RMA by collaborating with our agency partners on both brand and CMS expertise. 

Our Approach 

Design and build scalable components intentionally and transparently that will make collaborations with our partners more efficient and make page creation easier for RMA as they create more content in the future.

The Results 

We designed and built a foundation of flexible components that have supported RMA through launch and into the future as they reinvent their brand presence online.

Playing to our strengths

As the project began, partner agency Method Savvy had already designed a clean and modern brand for Risk Management Association, RMA. They looked to us for support to integrate RMA’s new brand into their digital presence. We were responsible for the user experience of their website, a user interface inspired by Method Savvy’s style guide, and eventual front-end development.

Component based design

We suggested building and designing reusable components to provide an agile approach to create a custom and flexible template-style page instead of building multiple custom pages. We designed components such as: basic text, call to actions, linkable cards, explore more, featured posts, etc. We ensured that the layout and visual aesthetics would look elegant no matter how the components were organized on a page. It was crucial that the RMA team could build off the componentry post-launch without needing us to update from our end.

Risk Management Association reusable components

A third partner in the mix

Method Savvy had already sourced a third party to develop the back-end of the RMA site, so we were presented with the unique challenge of working within a trio of agencies. This pushed us to constantly think about how to make handoffs seamless and aspects of the project expertly documented. We did not have the luxury of hopping on an ad-hoc call if we ran into hurdles. Instead, we thought ahead to ensure a smooth approach and a successful outcome for all three agencies involved.

Three partners on the project
RMA screens

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