Videntity Share My Health Prototype

  • Worked with design agency Clade
  • Delivered a prototype used for user testing as well as stakeholder interest
  • Fast ~3-week sprint
  • End product led to effective user testing, code was reusable, and client was happy
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Videntity creates and maintains enterprise-grade, open-source software solutions for health care and beyond. They specialize in supporting and customizing tools like OAuth2, Open ID Connect, and HL7 FHIR.

Project highlights

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • React JS

The Objective

The client needed a prototype to leverage for user testing of scenarios involving a complex member approval process. So we set out to build a prototype that felt real for the user during testing and one that demonstrated to product stakeholders the power of the eventual product. Within a quick timeline, we aimed to deliver prototype code that the client could reuse on the final product.

Our Approach

We leveraged Create React App to quickly spin up a React app and used session storage to store variables for things like mimicking authentication and stepping through the member approval process. Keeping our code modular, we were able to ensure that components easily translated to the eventual Django app. We utilized modular styles, and react-bootstrap so that SCSS code could be reused as-is. We were also able to ensure that the prototype met accessibility standards, making the code even more reusable.

Videntity website on various devices

The Results

Partnering with product design shop Clade, we built a prototype more functional and realistic than the client expected given the short two-week sprint. We delivered organized, modular, and maintainable code for use in the final application. In the end, the client was happy, and we exceeded their expectations.

The Details

  Client since 2018 - present
  Services provided
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Sara Stewart

Sara Stewart

CEO, Clade Design (Partner Agency)

Your team is just killer - I’m just impressed with how intelligent the team is - they would just listen in and run with it - there is no hand-holding needed.

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