Sappy Team Appreciation Post

Maddy Bishop Van Horn on background

Maddy Closs

tracks in the snow

As 2020 draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on what a hard year it has been and for all of the things in my life that made it a little easier. Working with my coworkers at Savas Labs has been one of those great things.

Team goes remote

Like most companies who were able to, our team went fully remote to combat the spread of coronavirus. 

I’m thankful:

  • That I’ve never felt pressured by the management team (hi Chris and Ben) to go into the office or go against the recommendations of public health professionals. 
  • That our weekly social team traditions have been more important than ever during this time -- it’s so important to connect remotely, even if we have less exciting weekend adventures to share.
  • For #the-bright-side Slack channel where we post “happy little things that help you get through quarantine”. Thanks, Madeline, for brightening our days!
  • For the #pets channel where we get frequent updates on our four-legged office mates.


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Maddy goes dev

This year, I transitioned from a role as a project manager to a developer at Savas. I could not have asked for a better group of people to support this growth in my career. 

Many thanks to:

  • Ben and Chris for being instantly supportive and helping to lay out a timeline, plan of action, and success metrics for the transition.
  • Our clients for being supportive and encouraging and respectful of “focus blocks” on my calendar.
  • The whole development team for being awesome and enthusiastic mentors and accepting the new dev on the block.
  • Kendall for being project manager extraordinaire and keeping everything running, and Chelsea for joining the PM team and hitting the ground running.
  • The design team for designing beautiful and functional digital products that are so fun to build.
  • Our Labs Space, which gave me a safe arena to grow as a developer.


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World goes 2023

I, like you, am looking forward to turning the page on 2020. But there were some blessings, too.

Among mine, I count: my new puppy Koda, getting engaged to my best friend, two great Taylor Swift albums played on repeat, and working with the team at Savas Labs. 

Thank you, thank you.


Meet (Savas) Labs™
Stand up paddling boarding with colorful leaves
I took up stand up paddle boarding!
My quarantine puppy, Koda.
durham sunset
Sunset from the parking deck during an outdoor, social distanced Savas get together.