TriDUG lightning talks

Savas Labs will host this session “Lightning talks - all things Drupal” at our home base again at the American Underground @ Main in downtown Durham. We will be looking into Raleigh options for the next meetup, so write if you’ve got space to offer.

We’ll have pizza here at 6:30, and do some mingling until about 7:00. At 7:00 we’ll do introductions, and share any pertinent information about projects we’re working on, job opportunities, and the like.

At 7:15 we’ll start with the first of 4 lightning talks. Each talk should last 5-15 minutes, and we’ll try to cover a wide array of topics ideally custom development, site building, theming, and perhaps an introductory topic as well. If you have an interest in presenting, please write a comment, as we’ll have a slot or two available for presenters.

We look forward to seeing you in April after your taxes are done!

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