Savas Skillshare: Planning an Enterprise-Level Website Redesign

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Preparing to take your brand through a website redesign is a daunting task, even for those who have done it multiple times. With a significant time and resource investment looming, you know that the small things you do in preparation can make a big difference in the quality of the end product and the results they drive.

Set aside an hour of your time to hear from the web experts at Savas Labs as we walk through a host of tips and tactics that we’ve learned through dozens of redesigns working with enterprise-level brands - and their ecosystems.

We’ll skip the basics of how to clarify goals and objectives and instead highlight the best ways to establish a detailed budget and list of success metrics.

We’ll talk about stakeholders, sure, but more specifically, we’ll line out how you can create structure within your team to ensure all aspects of the redesign process are accounted for and responsibilities clearly defined.

And of course, we’ll talk about the design and technical aspects of your redesign, but we’ll make sure that you know where to look and what to document so that by the time you’re looking for an agency partner, you can cast a vision of the job to be done like a pro.

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Webinar Speakers Ian Curran and Marc Herschberger

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