Maria White Background Headshot

Maria Massie

Senior Project Manager

Maria has over five years of experience in digital marketing and project management. Before joining Savas, Maria oversaw various digital projects and campaigns, such as the website redesign for the island of St Kitts tourism bureau, resort websites for Meritage Collection properties, and golf clubs such as JC Golf. Here at Savas, Maria is a Senior Project Manager.

Outside of work, Maria showers her two tabby cats, Finn and Poe, with unending affection. She can also be found trying out new tastes and flavors around the Southeast Florida area. Among her favorites are the Thai restaurant Larb Isan and the sushi restaurant Kaizen. With her cats successfully cuddled and her taste for gastric adventure sated, she enjoys relaxing in quiet speakeasies on the weekend with close friends nearby and a fresh cocktail in hand.

Maria and her partner
Maria's tabby cats