Welcome to the Savas Labs front end style guide!

About this style guide

This style guide is built using Hologram and uses YAML and HTML in SCSS comments to construct the documentation. Configuration can be found in hologram_config.yml and styleguide assets such as header and footer markup are located in the styleguide_assets directory. The styleguide is built using the hologram command, which is incorporated into our gulp build and serve tasks.

To see all the code for this style guide and our website, check out our GitHub Repository.

Writing styles for

Directory structure

Our SCSS directory is based on the following hierarchy:

  • 00: Libraries
  • 01: Base styles (importing libraries, setting variables, CSS reset)
  • 02: Colors
  • 03: Typography
  • 04: Components
  • 05: Regions
  • 06: Pages

Components are discrete site elements that can be dropped into any region or page. Each component should live in its own file, with the name of the file matching the name of the component in the style guide. For child components, name the file _parent--child.scss, e.g. _buttons--submit.scss.

Regions are repeated areas that use several components, like the header and footer.

The pages directory will hold layout styles on the page level.

Adding components to the style guide

To add a component to the style guide, create a new .scss file named after the component and add the file to main.scss. Add comments to the SCSS file to generate the component in the style guide:

​title: Links
​name: links
​category: Typography
​<a href="#">This is a link</a>
​<p>This is an <a href="#">inline link</a></p>

You can also generate a tabular format using html_example_table:

​title: Headings
​name: headings
​category: Typography
​<h1>This is a heading</h1>
​<h2>This is a heading</h2>
​<h3>This is a heading</h3>
​<h4>This is a heading</h4>
​<h5>This is a heading</h5>

See Hologram's documentation for more information.

Critical CSS

Components should be as modular as possible and, for page-specific styles, should be separated by region so that above-the-fold styles can easily be picked out as entire SCSS partials. These partials are included in each layout's critical*.scss, which is inlined in the <head> element (see _includes/head.html, where critical*.css is included in <style> tags). All SCSS partials are included in main.scss, which is loaded asynchronously in the <head> and, as a backup, loaded in full in a <noscript> tag in _includes/scripts.html.

See this article from Go Make Things for a good explanation of why we chose this strategy.

Styling the style guide

Styles specific to the style guide are housed in _assets/styles/scss/styleguide and imported into the _assets/styles/styleguide.scss file. The resulting CSS, compiled by gulp, will be included in the style guide.


This documentation is generated using Hologram and contains some markup and styles adapted from the Acme boilerplate.