Wisebread, a client of nearly a decade, has undergone a substantial evolution to its business model in our tenure together. When morphing from blog content-driven ad revenue to multi-million dollar monthly ad spends to drive users to convert, the Wisebread team knew they needed to improve their site to be more secure, robust, and performant.

While navigating the complexities of legacy architecture, we transitioned the platform to be wholly served over HTTPS, and even with various platform transitions touted a consistent 99.99% uptime to ensure the maximum impact of their ad spends.

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Wisebread is a community for financial bloggers seeking to educate on financial literacy, planning, and budgeting. WiseBread’s website offers help with personal finance, life hacks, and best practices as a consumer.

Project highlights

  • 99.99% Uptime

  • 100% HTTPS Transition of All Third-Party Libraries

  • High-Performance Caching

The Objective

Transition the Wisebread site to be served over HTTPS in order to provide a more secure, robust, and efficient platform. Implement a more sophisticated architecture using Varnish, Drupal, and TLS/HTTPS technologies to ensure uptime and to maximize the impact of ad investment which is core to Wisebread’s revenue and business.

Our Approach

We dove headfirst into Wisebread’s site, first conducting an audit of the site content and hosting infrastructure. Due to the nature of their business, security, uptime, and performance were top priorities. We ported over the CMS to serve HTTPS and nearly 100 third-party libraries on a tight schedule in time for the important Google Chrome version 68 update that would label all sites without HTTPS as “insecure.” Additionally, we isolated the most important handful of pages that drove most of the revenue, and using a Varnish caching system, ensured they had optimal uptime and performance. Even if the CMS or database went down, these revenue-generating pages would remain up. Naturally, we set up monitoring alerts to quickly respond to issues while seamlessly updating servers with no downtime.

Wisebread website on various devices

The Results

With millions of visits per month to multiple highly trafficked pages, we’re proud to tout a 99.99% uptime for the wisebread.com platform in 2018. Through an improved structure, visitors to the user-friendly Wisebread site now easily find content featuring topics such as financial literacy, planning, and budgeting.

Gregory Go

Gregory Go

Founder and CTO of Wisebread

You guys have been there from the beginning. We’re so happy with the work from Savas.

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