HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) Site Redesign

When the HIV Prevention Trials Network aimed to update to a modern, mobile-friendly, easy-to-maintain website, they started evaluating the capabilities of various content management systems that would meet their needs. They settled on Drupal 8.

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The HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) is a worldwide collaborative clinical trials network that brings together investigators, ethicists, community and other partners to develop and test the safety and efficacy of interventions designed to prevent the acquisition and transmission of HIV.

Project highlights

  • Responsive web design

  • UX design

  • Drupal 8

  • Client server integration

The Objective

For the redesign, HPTN prioritized providing their users with a clean, modern site that loads easily on mobile devices in areas of the world with less-than-optimal bandwidth, and to provide their content editors with a powerful, easy-to-use content management interface. They also needed to connect with their Microsoft SQL server to pull data on studies, study sites, publications, and network members.

Our Approach

Working with HPTN stakeholders, Savas Labs created a responsive design that would best serve each of HPTN’s user groups, especially those accessing the site on mobile devices, and implemented that design in a custom Drupal 8 theme. Savas Labs heavily relied on Drupal content entities to pull and display data coming from legacy HPTN systems, and leveraged both Drupal and external caching mechanisms to ensure prompt delivery of requests to end users.

HIV Prevention Trials Network website on various devices

The Results

Thanks to an integrated approach in which Savas Labs worked closely with the client, the new site launched in time for the HPTN Annual Conference, the ongoing maintenance and administration of the content decreased dramatically, and both the corporate site maintainers and the remote users reaped the benefits of the easily navigable, mobile-friendly delivery of data.

The Details

  Client since 2015 - present
  Services provided
  Technologies used
Laura Smith

Laura Smith

Web & Data Manager, HPTN

Leadership loves the new website. They had zero concerns or commentary other than being impressed. Awesome, guys.

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