Client-Side Chat: Mobile App UX & UI to Delight Users

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What does it take to craft a mobile application user interface for a mobile application that builds your brand and appeals to your user? What are key accessibility considerations that must be accounted for when refreshing your app's look and feel? How do you ensure that you're not only meeting but exceeding your users' expectations of your app through its interface?

You have questions about user interface design for mobile applications, and our panel of experts has the answers you can only earn through experience. Register today for our Client-Side Chat on Mobile App UX & UI to learn from experts about:

  • How to solidify your understanding of your user
  • How to narrow your list of functionalities down to an MVP
  • How to map your app's information architecture
  • How the right design partner can move you from idea to wireframes to high-fidelity designs that get your users and stakeholders excited

Join us as our team walks you through the best practices associated with designing a mobile application interface with the help of Music Industry Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Tonado, Phillip Ndowu. We'll walk through our work together, designing his mobile application's user interface to help you understand both the process and the pitfalls to avoid.

Learn how to get started with a reskin of your existing tool or how to bring your app idea to life by watching the video below. 

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