Client-Side Chat: Leveraging Custom Applications to Drive Growth

On-Demand Webinar

What does it take to move an idea for a custom-developed application from kernel to completion? How do you get buy-in from stakeholders and decision-makers on organization-changing technology? What should I look for when interviewing development agencies?

You have questions about your potential custom application project, and our panel of experts has the answers you can only earn through experience. Register today for our Client-Side Chat on Leveraging Custom Applications to Drive Organizational Growth to learn from experts about:

  • The major milestones in ideating, pitching, and executing a custom application project
  • The key questions you should ask yourself and others in each stage
  • The red flags to look out for and pitfalls to avoid along the way

Join us as we tap one of higher education’s foremost thought leader’s minds - Maurice Ferrell - for your benefit as he sits alongside senior-level developers and project managers to share what it took to custom-develop a book importer for the University of North Carolina that rocketed the School of Government into the 21st century.

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