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Our mission and core values

Client-centric. Collaborative. Open.
Teamwork that drives innovation.

Savas Labs is a collection of diverse and deeply talented individuals who better one another by coming together. You'll like working with us.

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We're hiring!

The needs at Savas Labs are constantly evolving. What remains constant is our desire to better ourselves, our team, and the services we provide to our partners.

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Our partners augment the core team when we need to scale up or bring in specialized skills to deliver for our clients.

Billy French

Billy French

Visual Design

Billy is a talented world-class designer right in our Durham backyard. We enlist his services for design ranging from digital products to illustration.

Kosta Harlan

Kosta Harlan

Drupal Consultant

Kosta is a former Savas Labs employee with well over a decade of experience in Drupal and systems integrations.

Tim Stallmann

Tim Stallmann

Back-end Systems Consultant

Tim is a former employee of Savas Labs, and we call upon him for his myriad expertise in servers, mapping, data analysis/visualization, and complex back-end solutions.

What does Savas mean?

The name Savas derives its root from the French word savoir which means "to know" and is a palindrome, representing balance. The knowledge acquired from years honing our craft paired with a well-rounded and balanced approach is what makes us special.

Our core values