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Savas Labs is a cohesive team of outstanding individuals with complementary skill sets. We’re looking to greatly expand our reach to get our expertise in the hands of those who could benefit most from it. The Marketing Director will fulfill our first full-time marketing position. We’re looking for someone with the creativity and drive to help shape the marketing vision coupled with the relevant experience to execute it. The marketing director will work directly with the Savas Labs Principal to formulate, select tools for, and implement our marketing strategy in our Durham, NC office.

Overall Responsibilities

  • Work with leadership to refine target market
  • Build brand awareness and positioning
  • Align marketing goals with business strategy
  • Coordinate marketing activities to meet goals and deadlines
  • Set and monitor Key Performance Indicators to optimize marketing plans
  • Support sales efforts with Inbound Marketing

Contribute to Marketing Framework

Savas Labs leadership has formulated a marketing strategy and has begun to implement it. Limited by time and experience, we’re looking to take our existing strategy to the next level. The marketing director will evaluate and enhance our current strategy to help turn the goals of increased reach and brand awareness into a comprehensive action plan.

Framework Responsibilities

  • Refine our content strategy
    • Determine content formats, creation frequency and distribution channels
  • Refine our contact strategy
  • Contribute to CRM selection
  • Contribute to marketing automation tool selection
  • Refine website conversions approach

Execute Inbound Marketing Efforts

Though strategy refinement will be ongoing, a majority of the day-to-day efforts will be executing the strategic marketing plan. A primary focus for the marketing director will be to produce materials for our inbound strategy

Inbound Responsibilities

  • Schedule, create, and facilitate team’s creation of content e.g. newsletter, blog articles, white-papers, case studies, webinars.
  • Craft and send newsletters

Your experience

An ideal candidate will have professional experience with a majority of the following:

  • Initiating and managing an at-least monthly newsletter
  • Marketing automation systems
  • CRM systems
  • Content creation
  • Persona targeting
  • Managing ad campaigns
  • Drupal CMS
  • 5+ years B2B marketing

About you

You are ambitious and thrive in a technology-oriented, rapidly-changing team environment. Your marketing expertise and opinions are shaped by years of research and execution, yet you’re willing to update your convictions to new approaches. You have strong written and verbal communication skills. Savas Labs is committed to fostering an inclusive work place. We encourage you to evaluate our values and if they resonate with yours, we strongly encourage you to apply.

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