Resources: Racial Justice in America

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The Savas Labs team unequivocally condemns the disproportionate brutalization of Black people by police in the United States, a nation founded on genocide and codified racism. We applaud the heightened, largely peaceful activism triggered by the spate of recent tragedies that have garnered global news coverage of late, including the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and countless others who have perished under the poisonous flag of white supremacy.

There are no simple solutions to this deep-seated, American problem. Like many, we are disheartened by how distant a truly just society feels, yet we are encouraged by how many are standing up and demanding change in response to these injustices. We respect and honor the legacy of civil disobedience and protest, necessary components to positive social change. Power concedes nothing without a demand.

We acknowledge our whiteness and work to recognize all facets of our privilege. We feel it is imperative to cultivate our understanding of the systemic racism Black people face every day and continuously relearn how to be effective allies. Below is a collection of resources our team has been referring to for concrete steps of action and our own continued education. Please note: we did not create these resources and do not condone acts of violence towards people.

We’ve separated out the comprehensive resource lists as they provide a wealth of information that includes both action items and educational materials, sometimes in nested resource lists: where to donate, legal information and tips for protestors, social media best practices, petitions, bail funds by city, reading lists, and more. We at Savas Labs recognize the time and energy it has taken BIPOC activists to put together such resource banks, and the endeavor to keep them up to date. We will also update this list as we deem necessary.

Our hope is that by sharing resources, taking collective action, and looking out for one another, the work still ahead of us can be accomplished as peacefully as possible.

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