MIT Press CogNet Responsive Redesign

After building a custom Drupal 7 theme based on Zurb Foundation, Savas Labs went back to the drawing board to redesign the site for small screens, resulting in a seamless, responsive experience across devices.

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Project highlights:

  • Responsive design

  • Drupal theming

  • Zurb Foundation

Project highlights

MIT Press CogNet is the essential online resource for students and scholars in the brain and cognitive sciences. Since its launch in 2000, it quickly became the premiere source for those engaged in highly-cited, cutting-edge research.

The Objective

As a next phase in development following the site’s relaunch in May 2015, MIT Press CogNet wanted to extend their site to users of all devices. A complete responsive redesign was in order.

A desktop-size screenshot of the MIT Press CogNet website

Our Approach

Working with the CogNet team we developed basic wireframes, then capitalized on the power of the Zurb Foundation theme and Sass for CSS preprocessing to rework the already-existing subtheme. To ensure a seamless experience on smaller devices, we used jQuery to create slick navigation, scrolling, and content exploration.

Mockups paired with the final site on mobile screens

The Results

MIT Press CogNet went from a desktop-only site to a clean, modern, easy to navigate site on all screen sizes. Thanks to our strong partnership with the client, effective planning, and the powerful technologies used, this project was delivered under budget.

The MIT Press CogNet site on three screen sizes

Many thanks for getting this done, in such a thoughtful manner, and in a way that really honors the content and provides such a useful, attractive set of interactions for the readers.

— Bill Trippe, Director of Technology, The MIT Press

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