As a full-service agency, Savas Labs provides a multitude of services to a wide array of clients.


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With expertise in back-end and front-end development, we architect complex websites across a variety of industries and client profiles. We have the acumen to execute on the most complicated requirements, with the wisdom to limit customization for the long-term sustainability and security needs of our clients. We use many tools to build, primarily the Drupal CMS, which we contribute to. For more targeted areas of development, see our sub-services.

Design / UX

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Through conceptualizing, UX design, and iterative wireframing, we design with mindfulness relevant to our clients’ audiences and goals. We provide flexible, maintainable, and responsive custom designs using the best of the myriad web frameworks to our advantage, enabling us to prototype and build quickly. When it is the right fit, we partner with a design agency we’ve established a relationship with.


Strategy icon

We empower organizations to sift through seemingly limitless technical choices and focus on what the organization is trying to achieve. Whether through a technical audit, SEO, content analysis or other measures, we ensure our clients use their resources most effectively to meet their needs and reach their audiences. We lean on lessons learned to inform our process while catering to each organization’s unique needs in space and time.

Support / Maintenance

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A site with an audience that is engaged on a daily basis requires the same technical attention behind the scenes. We provide just that. Our robot friends ensure that our clients’ sites are alive and well with robust monitoring. Our humans quickly test and apply security updates and make recommendations on sustainability best practices. A support & maintenance agreement will often start with an audit.


Web Mapping

We are passionate about visually telling powerful stories with data. With an expert cartographer on our team, we employ a wide-range of mapping toolkits like Leaflet.js, OpenLayers, and Google Maps to name a few. Excite us with your mapping need and we won’t disappoint.


We really excel at the challenge of a complex integration with legacy or concurrently functioning data systems. We have made publishing, warehouse fulfillment and various payment systems play nicely together with Drupal websites. Have the need to import/export data and integrate with a system outside of Drupal? We’re your team! If exposing or consuming APIs isn’t your thing, we’ve got your back.

Data migration

Moving from another system to Drupal or upgrading your Drupal system with a lot of content? We can help our clients understand the limitations and pros and cons to scripted versus manual migration. We are comfortable talking database, XML, JSON on the sending or receiving end.

Performance Optimization

We make things run fast(ly). We recognize the value in page load speed from a brand trust and user-impatience standpoint. We are versed in database tuning and server configuration. We know the layers of the entire delivery pipeline and use tools like nginx, Varnish, XHProf,, memcache, redis, and CDNs to push the limits of physics to get your message out as quickly as possible.

Automated Testing

Repetitive tasks are done best by our robot friends, so we let them. Automated tests are baked into our development process so that every change we make is verified against the integrity of the entire system. Some of the technologies in our toolbox are Behat, PHPUnit, CasperJS and others, and we integrate them with Jenkins and Travis.


One of the most valuable initial services we provide new partners is a technical audit. We’ve seen most every hack and know what to look for. Often clients feel in the dark. With relatively little time, we can get clients back in the know, on track to make the improvements they seek, and empowered to use their own site in more powerful ways.